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A coordinate-system is a mapping which maps a mathematical notion on a physical history.

A physical law is represented by a mathematical equation.
A mathematical equation is a mapping which maps a mathematical notion on 1 or 0.

Let M be a coordinate-system and let E represent a physical law.
Then the physical law is represented by a mapping E・M-1.
M-1 and E・M-1 is defined as follows.
[E・M-1](h) ≡ E(M-1(h)) and M(M-1(h)) ≡ h for any physical history h.

Nature gives us a physical law as a whole.
Who divides it into a coordinate-system and an equation is the human being.
There is only physical laws in Nature.
Division is made by the human being.

So, I assume that we can shift the boundary between the coordinate-system and the equation.

The idea of the content of this page was published by me in web videos.
It had been since 2009/07/17 till 2011/03/08.
A video on 2011/03/08 has an expression which reminds us of a tidal wave.
It is a part after 10:33 before 11:05 of the video.
East Japan Big Earthquake Disaster came on 2011/03/11.
Its vibration started at the end of 2011/03/09.

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