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In this page, I investigate a quantum mechanics of a Dirac particle represented by a wave function obeying the Dirac equation:
[iγμμ - eγμAμ(x) - m]ψ(x) = 0.

00ψ(x) = [-iγkk + eγμAμ(x) + m]ψ(x)
i∂0ψ(x) = γ0[-iγkk + eγμAμ(x) + m]ψ(x)

This equation has the same form as the form of Schrodinger equation of three dimensional quantum mechanics with spin.
So I can easily make Uda equation of the Dirac equation by the same manner as the manner used when I made the first Uda equation.

Author Yuichi Uda, Write start at 2019/04/24/15:45JST, Last edit at 2019/04/24/16:26JST