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Title Yuichi Uda started using the new server.
Writer Yuichi Uda

Since December 2008, the contents of have been put in the server

However the above server have been suffering HTTP500 error since 2014/06/17.
I am confident that someone did so maliciously.

All of the following three sites are displayed correctly when I access to them now.

At first, I opened as an online community in MSN Groups on 2006/03/14.
It was located at
At that time, I had already had the Japanese version of it in MSN Groups since 2005/05/11.
It was located at
The contents of these two sites are seen in

As a measure against shutting down of MSN Groups in February 2009, I opened a new website using xoops system for in December 2008.
It was put in the server

I learned from shutting down of MSN Groups that I should not use a system owned by others.
(This is the reason why I do not like neither twitter or facebook.)
So I set up my own website using xoops system.

Stopping of means that accumulation of value and power of my web content was reset again and again.
This will occur to you if you exceed someone living beyond his or her endowments.

Yesterday, I decided to give up using the above server and started putting the contents in a new server.
The contents written in the xoops period are seen in

The domain was created by me in July 2009.

Before September 2013, we were redirected to when we accessed to

In September 2013, I put in the new server.
It is displayed without redirection when we access to
Two links to were in the file index.html.

Just after my putting the index file in the new server, the xoops system in the old server suffered spam rush.
Hundreds of spam accounts were created and hundreds of spam topic were created at each forum.
I think that the spam rush was not robotical because redirection led robots to my xoops site before my putting the index file.
The access log showed me that most spam accesses were from USA.

Yesterday, I overwrited and started putting other files in the new server.