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SourceCodeOf_HumanGenome > Women's honor don't stand without men's sexual desire. @ 2011/5/27 16:10
I know well how the wicked desire of an evil magistrate in Mito-Komon emphasizes the charm in a heroine.
Suppose that the magistrate was not interested in the heroine, what an insulting nuance it would have.

When I was a school boy of the lower grades, I did not see the good in girls in comparison with boys, and I asked my mother what is a good point of a girl.
She answered to me that it is beauty.
Hearing it, I reasked her if that is all because I supposed that women's beauty only means not being distorted anywhere at most and has no positive meaning more.
Thus too young a boy is not aware of his potential sexual desire yet.

This episode awoke an interest about women's beauty in me.
Then I started watching how women are beautiful on TV.
As a result, soon I came to understand clearly that it is far beyond only not being distorted anywhere.
I remember that probably they were Kumiko Oba, Naoko Kawai, etc.
Last edited at 2011/07/20/11:09JST
SourceCodeOf_HumanGenome > 吾れ四十一にして子供ダマシを知る @ 2011/6/11 11:12
(When I was forty one years old, I grasped the meaning of a children deceiver.)

I had not fully grasped the meaning of a children deceiver till I became forty one years old.
It is that I came to think of more things as children deceivers than commonly.
For example, I came to think of a deluxe version of a useful machine as a children deceiver.
It is not that a deluxe version of a useful machine is not deluxe enough.
It is that a deluxe version is essentially the same as popular version.
The notion of greatness is another example.
I came to feel that something like a portrait of a great man with pipe and tabor is jocular.

Last edited at 2011/07/18/11:22JST
SourceCodeOf_HumanGenome > Don't put many beautiful women side by side. @ 2011/7/4 9:35
A beautiful woman is the most attractive only when she is standing alone.
But AKB48 is not bad without knowing why.
Last edited at 2011/08/12/11:01JST

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