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SourceCodeOf_HumanGenome > Religion @ 2011/5/7 11:08
Human beings live in a building named the physical world after covering its walls with paper named meaning.

One can not see even a tiny roadside stone as something other than a part of a myth.

Even a complete atheist can not see his or her life as meaningless.

Religion is an expansion of this nature of human beings.
Last edited at 2011/05/09/10:33JST
SourceCodeOf_HumanGenome > Horror @ 2011/5/8 10:51
Horror is a rent of the wallpaper.

Through the rent, we see bare concrete to feel that meaningless is real.

We are frightened when we feel that the world is different from one which we used to think of as meaningful.

Last edited at 2011/05/15/11:15JST
SourceCodeOf_HumanGenome > A human being is a meaning itself. @ 2011/5/9 10:44
A human being is a meaning itself.

The meaning is written on our physical body as well as the content of a novel is written on paper with ink.

A human being is not a physical body as well as a novel is not a set of paper and ink.

The physical body and its behavior including speech are representations of the meaning as if they were letters and sentences.
(I attained this understanding by taking a hint from the fact that a wave function is a representation of a quantum state.)

The style of the physical body and its elemental paterns of behavior is like a font.

But I am not saying that a soul lives after the death of the physical body.
A human being can not exist without any physical body as well as a novel can not exist without any media to write on.

The relationship between a human being and its physical body is analogous to the relationship between a software and a hardware of a personal computer.

Any software can not exist after all hardwares are burned out.

But meaning itself is a little bit different from a software.
A meaning is the language independent content of a software.

I am also not saying that physical beauty is meaningless.
Physical beauty may mean beauty at least.

A human being is a meaning itself, so he or she is the most afraid of meaningless.
Last edited at 2011/06/22/10:27JST

SourceCodeOf_HumanGenome > Everyone is born in a foreign land. @ 2011/5/21 11:14
A flower is not beautiful itself, but we have a sense of feeling a flower to be beautiful.

Our familiar flowers may be like ones used for suggesting another planet than the earth in SF movie.

That is to say, a homeland is not a homeland by itself but only a meaning given by us.

Last edited at 2011/05/25/10:35JST
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